About Me

About me


Hi I am Tamara and I have created Incredibly Social as a hub for all your Social Media needs. I am very passionate about Social Media done well and can provide you with solutions to your Social Media problems. I love my job and do it so that you can do what you do well! I provide training on social media and have experience of running campaigns on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I previously worked as an Intelligence Officer and have brought skills learned there to my Social Media business. I am also a mum of two, which makes me awesome at creative solutions to problems.

I know the benefits social media has for businesses. I trained with Digital Mums and following this Incredibly Social was born. As well as all things social media I absolutely love to eat out at all kinds of restaurants and I am particularly passionate about supporting small independent businesses. I absolutely love to travel and have lived in Hong Kong, Vanuatu and Brunei. I regularly travel to Europe, Asia and the US and just love going to new places.