Continuing with interviews with Incredible Independents, I welcome Joanna Blundell who is sharing more about her fantastic business.

1) Why did you start your business? 

Yoga made me comfortable in my body again (after too many years in a high-pressure office job!) and I want to share that with other people, as well as other vital tools from within the yoga tradition, such as mindfulness and meditation. Yoga helped me feel healthy, strong,  more relaxed –  and confident enough to share what I’ve learnt with other people!

2) What do you love about running your own independent business?

I love the creativity and the constant challenges and meeting lots of new people. I really enjoy being part of the local community and creating a yoga community too!  Seeing people benefit from yoga is really fulfilling. Yoga so special because it is not just a movement system,  it incorporates practical skills on how to live well and to the best of our ability. It’s a privilege to communicate that, and see people remember to nurture themselves.

3) What is your favourite product or service and why?

I’m so proud to have taken yoga outdoors into our beautiful local surroundings. So many studies now show how much good being out in nature does for us – and how much good yoga does too! I’m hoping for good weather this September for yoga in Fishponds park in Surbiton, which is being restored by a local community group. We practice under a stunning weeping willow tree, it’s wonderful to hear the whisper of the leaves as we practice. 

4) Let’s spread the indie love, name some other independent businesses you support.

That’s easy! I love Little Ginger’s stunning vegan food – they run a stall at Kingston Market and do pop-up supper clubs at the Museum of Futures in Surbiton, the fab coffee and food at Ginger Bees Cafe on Queen’s Promenade overlooking the river and florist Holly and the Ivy is truly an artist, her creations are gorgeous. Oh and the delicious cakes at bakery Lallapalosa – yum!

5) Which is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram seems to really work for me, it’s really visual and people seem more engaged there than other media. I am sure I am not using it to its full potential, so any tips from you would be much appreciated! (Or I’ll just keep following @incrediblysocial!) And if anyone has any questions for me, they can hit me up on Insta/joannablundellyoga or just email yoga@joannablundell.com

Thanks so much to Joanna for sharing more about her business. I love what she does and she truly is an #incredibleindependent! I would love to hear about independent businesses that you support – let me know via email or over on Instagram!