t’s lovely start to this month! Today, in my #incrediblindependents interview, I am welcomw Mary Bennett and Christina Haindl, from the The Word Sanctum, who are sharing a bit more about their fantastic business.

1) Why did you start your business?

We’ve been writers and editors for many years – originally working in consumer and business publishing, before going freelance while raising our families. We met many years ago at the school gates, and discovered we share a passion for language and the written word. We believe good writing is crucial to succeed in business and we felt there was a real need for our services, particularly amongst SMEs who might not have the budget for a dedicated marketing or copywriting team. We founded The Word Sanctum to help small businesses with words for their websites, press releases, case studies and any other written content. Our mission is to help people by saving them time and stress, making sure they get their message across in an engaging and clear way.

2) What do you love about running your own independent business?

We love the creative freedom and the flexibility it affords us. It’s great that there’s two of us so that we can bounce ideas back and forth, and always have a second pair of eyes on our work. The variety of the work means there’s never a dull day…one week we could be helping a start-up with their website content and marketing material, and the next we might be ghostwriting a personal memoir. We feel really lucky that we’re able to help people whilst doing what we really love!

3) What is your favourite service and why?

Our service is basically three-tiered: writing, editing and proofreading – this could be on anything from blogs and newsletters, to case studies, websites and presentations. Some jobs call for all three…it’s hard to pick one as we enjoy them all equally! Perhaps the best thing is meeting new clients, really getting to know their business and helping them to achieve their aims. With our journalistic backgrounds, we’re comfortable tackling virtually any subject!

4) Let’s spread the indie love, name some other independent businesses you support.

We’re lucky that we can work from anywhere (as long as there’s WiFi!). You’ll often find us crouched over our laptops at some of our favourite local eateries like @thefallowdeer, @anglers.TW11, @localhero.coffee and @pressroomcafe. For a floral treat, we visit @gardeniaoflondon and whilst we’re there we stock up @therefilllarder. Our go-to for unusual gifts is @thecollectorie in Teddington and for delicious cheeses it’s @teddington_cheese. For women’s health and fitness, we love the classes run by @katesmartfitness and for yoga, @emberyogatw12 is a great find in Hampton Hill. Finally, for arts classes and entertainment we love The Landmark Arts Centre @landmarkartfairs in Teddington

5) Which is your favourite social media platform and why?

Currently Instagram is our social media platform of choice; we like that it helps us build a more personal connection with customers and potential clients. It’s great to be able to showcase our services and to express our personalities!

A big thank you to Christina and Mary for taking in this #incredibleindependents interview. I have loved hearing about their business journey. I am very passionate about supporting small business so if you know of any amazing businesses out there – let me know and use the hashtag above. I know there are so many out there and I think sharing the love of these businesses is wonderful!