A big welcome to Sara from the Linen Quarter who sell beautifully soft organic cotton bedding. All of their bed linen is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, as well as Oeko-Tex certified, which means no harmful chemicals have been used in its production. The bed linen is based on quality, ethically made and sustainably sourced.

1) Why did you start your business? 

My husband and I launched this business at the end of 2018. We really missed our pre-child days of being able to stay away in luxury five star hotels, as we have limited childcare options. We set up Linen Quarter to recreate the decadence of a luxury 5 star hotel feel to bed linen in the home environment, at an affordable price. Many of us cannot afford the premium brands that charge £200+ for a duvet cover set, and we wanted to develop a less expensive alternative, without losing the quality. We also wanted to remain sensitive to the environment and buy products that are environmentally and socially responsible. Everyone has an environmental and social responsibility and everyone is becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint and the impact their consumer choices have. This is why we only sell organic cotton.

2) What do you love about running your own independent business?

The breadth of everything you get involved with. It’s been a real learning curve, and I’ve been thriving on the challenge of this. I love learning new things, and then putting it into practice. Some more successfully than others though, but this is part of the challenge. We’ve just designed our new collections, which launch later this summer. I’ve really enjoyed working with our manufacturer on the development of these. I love meeting with and hearing from customers who have bought our bed linen, and being told how lovely our products are as well. This is always so welcoming. I still do a happy dance with every order we receive. When we have repeat orders, it’s a full-out danceathon in my kitchen! A real highlight has been meeting other small, independent businesses. Everyone is so supportive of each other and happy to share what works, what hasn’t worked etc. I really value this.

3) What is your favourite product or service and why?

I love our organic cotton 200 thread count percale weave cotton bed linen. It’s so crisp and luxurious! It’s like being in a hotel – a great way to achieve the five star hotel look and feel in your own home. Saying this, I love all of our products – I would not want to sell something that I don’t love myself!

4) Let’s spread the indie love, name some other independent businesses you support.

There are so many out there and I’m coming across more all of the time at networking events and via social media. Here are just a few and apologies to those I haven’t mentioned – you’re all great!

@thewychelmkingston – we’re often in here for a quick drink and a lovely lunch / supper. It’s literally on our doorstep.

@decorcafenet – this is such a supportive community to be part of and some of its members have been so helpful with the development of our new collections. They also run great workshops so I’ve ben able to learn a lot.

@thamestravel for all of your travel needs

@theparkbrewery – their business success has been thrilling to watch (and drink)

@jackandfredas – great jewellery and Kylie’s use of social media is incredible

There are so many! This could be a very long list.

5) Which is your favourite social media platform and why?

I love browsing through Instagram. I was very late to this and only discovered it late last year when I started this business. I can spend hours scrolling through. I wish I knew about this platform when I was renovating my home a few years ago. There are so many inspirational accounts out there. When it comes to utilising Instagram for my business, I’m aware there is room for improvement. I find it a struggle. It’s been a huge learning curve.

Thank you so much to Sara for taking part and sharing more about her wonderful independent business. Please continue to support your #incredibleindependents by using this hashtag. I just love hearing all about the incredible independent businesses out there!