Welcome to Maya from the wonderful cut.le.crap who have a great range of toxin-free and natural skincare for all.

Maya from cut.le.crap

1) Why did you start your business?

The idea of creating cut.le.crap. came just over a year ago when we (me, my husband and son) left Australia to come back to London. The green beauty industry is booming over there with funky brands that are very affordable. When we returned, nothing excited us enough. No brand screamed out! We saw an opportunity to create something unique.

2) What do you love about running your own independent business?

The best thing is doing what I love 24/7. I started switching to a toxin-free lifestyle almost 3 years ago now. One product at the time. I have converted my hubby and son along the way and I love the fact that we are in control of what we put on our skin. Being able to offer a range of products that is safe to use but also eco-friendly is something that makes me very proud. Plus we are always looking at new products that we could add to our range, creating formulas and testing new things.

3) What is your favourite products or service and why?

I am a real eco-warrior so any product or service being sustainable and eco-friendly is a winner to me. Luckily this is something that we start seeing more and more. Companies are finally starting to take responsibilities and realise that pollution, global warming and overconsumption is something that needs to be addressed.

4) Let’s spread the indie love, name other independent businesses you support:

I love what Sally creates from Chasing Tigers. She does amazing handmade goodies and also take special requests. She made me an amazing purse using cork leather (very ethical and vegan), it’s beautiful and the only one that exists! I also had the opportunity to meet with Frankie, the maker of The Park Brewery. I am a big fan of craft beers and it is amazing to be able to buy something made locally by passionate people.

5) Which is your social media platform and why?

This is going to sound weird but I am not crazy about any social media platform. I understand that this is something that a brand has to do it order to gain awareness but before starting my business I didn’t even have an Instagram account. We’ve also been experiencing some issues on social media platforms when trying to set up promotion due to our name – apparently “crap” is profanity and cannot be used!! That is not stopping us though. I love meeting people face to face. To me, this is the best opportunity to chat with potential customers and share with them our story and passion. Plus it is a great way for them to try the products before trying them.

Thank you to Maya for her participation in this interview and telling us a little bit more about her fantastic business. Please continue to support your #incredibleindependents by using this hashtag and obviously, just using their products and services.