Welcome to Stacey from Super Sitters with a bit more about her business:

Stacey Richard owner of Super Sitters

1) Why did you start your business? I started the business by pure accident! My friends needed help with their little ones when they went back to work, and I realised quickly that there’s nothing like flexible childcare around. And people need it!

2) What do you love about running your own independent business? I love working with children and learning how they tick. I get to be silly and do crazy things to entertain them. But I have a great balance between playing and the serious strategic decision making. I’m really driven, so I like seeing the results of my hard work.

3) What is your favourite product or service you provide? I adore newborns! There’s nothing like caring  for a day or two old baby, knowing that you’re giving their mummy a much needed rest. So definitely for me my maternity nursing and pregnancy on call service.

4) Let’s spread the indie love, name some other independent businesses you support. Small businesses are the cogs in a mighty economy, so I try my best to support small indies! Pickled Pantry, Masaniello’s, No 97, The French Tarte, Sopratutto, The Terrace Eatery or Fortunella Cafe for some food or coffee. Holly and the Ivy for any Floristry needs. Fancy Hair & Beauty, ST Nails, The Fellowship Barbers and The Beauty Room for a treats. Community Motors for my car. For personalized gifts and bespoke items All by Mama, Oskie and Aggie, Handmade by Hannahmay or Maryvas Makes. Makeup either Vixsta Effects or Makeup by Hannah May depending on the result I need. I literally can write thousands of recommendations here. All ones I’ve tried, tested, trust and love!

5) Which is your favourite social media platform and why? I’m loving Instagram at the moment. But I’m still on Facebook a lot too. I feel like Insta is good for my soul. It’s positivity on a platform – it doesn’t result in many business contacts for me, but I like people seeing what I get up to and posting content about what makes me unique.

Thanks to Stacey for taking part. Support your local independents by using the hashtag #incredibleindependents#incredibleindependents and tell me why you love them!